International Association of Multilingualism


1. Name
The name of the Association shall be the International Association of Multilingualism (IAM).

2. Justification
Multilingualism is a common phenomenon, and the study of multilingualism provides the basis for understanding all types of language acquisition and learning, maintenance and attrition.

3. Aims
The Association seeks to establish a network for professionals interested in multilingualism and multiple language acquisition and learning.

      To this end it will:
         1. foster the cooperation between researchers of multilingualism;
         2. disseminate knowledge, methods, theories and models;
         3. create a forum for the discussion of issues related to multilingualism;
         4. improve research in multilingualism and Applied Linguistics;
         5. improve research studies among young researchers;
         6. organise and sponsor conferences and meetings on a regular basis.

4. Membership
Membership shall be on an individual basis and shall cost an amount to be agreed annually by the Executive Committee subject to local and ad hoc arrangements.

5. The Committee of the Association

a. There will be two co-opted members of the Board including present and past Conference organizers. They will not be elected and will remain as part of the executive committee for maximum 4 years.

b. The Vice-president will become President after being ratified by the Executive Board. This will take place six months before the elections period.

After two more years the President will become Past President and s/he will stay for 2 more years. Hence, the Vice-president will remain in the committee for 6 years which would also help give it some continuity.

Previous positions as VP according to old Statutes do not apply.

Having been a member of the Executive or a Member at Large in the past does not preclude the individual from resubmitting their candidacy under the new Statute.

c. Elections will take place during the IAM Conference every two years.

d. The secretary will invite nomination for members for vacant positions in the Committee 4 months before the elections. The nominees will have to be members of IAM. Candidates will have two weeks to send a one-page CV to the Secretary.

It will be possible to apply for more than one position.

6. Working Languages
In its meetings and publications the association shall promote, as far as is feasible, the multilingual dissemination and exchange of spoken and written information.

7. Dissolution of the Association
Should the Association be dissolved the funds held by the Association shall be allocated to an Association to be decided by the members. Such dissolution shall only take place with the consent of two-thirds of the membership at the bi-annual Meeting.


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