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The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MULTILINGUALISM is an international network of scholars who share an interest in multilingualism. It was founded in 2003 by Jasone Cenoz, Britta Hufeisen and Ulrike Jessner.

The association organizes a conference every two years and its members are regularly involved in organizing workshops, seminars and panel discussions at conferences around the world.

Anyone interested in multilingualism is welcome to join us. In addition to becoming part of an international network, members receive the 
International Journal of Multilingualism, a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly.

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Interested in research on multilingualism?

Supervising PhD students with an interest in the acquisition of second and third languages?

Writing your PhD on aspects related to multilingualism?

Tackling multilingualism from an educational, social or acquisitional perspective?

Interested in promoting minority languages and linguistic diversity?

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